Wendy Robbins is the founder of
Nowhere To MillionaireTM LLC,
and the Facebook Group:

She is a leading expert on mastering the millionaire mind set, and how to manufacture and market ideas to millions.

She stars in the HOMEMADE MILLIONAIRE TV series with Kelly Ripa, showing women how to manufacture, distribute and pitch her invention to HSN.  The show airs on TLC.

She also is in a movie based on the classic book “Think and Grow Rich”  The film is called “Awaken Your Riches!”  It is similar to THE SECRET and distributed by the people who published “THE SECRET”.

She is also in “THE SOURCE,” a film about how to be happy.

She is a popular and in-demand speaker and will be on tour in 2011, and hosted her own weekly radio show, “As You Wish”  on KTAO 101.9.  She interviewed millionaires, best-selling authors and spiritual masters for 3 years.