The Fastest Way To Double Your Money

by Wendy Robbins on January 2, 2011

Double Your MoneyOnce you’re done crying from your life not being where you can now envision it to be, stop beating yourself up and go for retail therapy. You deserve it. Bring that million dollar check with you. Once you imagine and spend your million in your mind and in your heart (giving some to your favorite charities, me, and/or sacred place) you may want have a billion dollars. No problem. You are just a thought and some zero’s away.

Trump always says, “If you’re going to think, why not think big.”

Remember he was once $900 million in debt. I guess if you’re going to think debt, might as well be big debt, right? I saw a bumper sticker today that said, “Borrow money from a pessimist. They don’t expect it back.” Are you an optimist or a pessimist… The Government borrowed trillions from us tax payers – are you expecting it back?

These are the same guys who told us our financial system is sound and stable and then a week later borrowed Trillions of dollars from us tax payers, overseen by the same kind of guys who got us into the financial mess.

Oh, then they can’t find most of the money and won’t reveal where it went – global citizens take off the “Kick me” sign off your tush now and wake up to the real money game.

We just let Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, the banking cartel and rich American guys buy our country for pennies on the dollar. The macrocosm and microcosm are aligned again – we are all broke, pretending we’re not.

Americans in 2009 have less saved then we did in the Great Depression. We used to be able to get credit cards and live on them, like all good addicts we couldn’t get enough and now it’s dry and we aren’t even checking into rehab.

I guess this book is like financial rehab.. for those who have fallen between the crack(s), can’t afford coke, and the only upper is not believing the downer that 95% of Americans will be broke when we’re 65.

My friend, Bob Allen taught me years ago something that amazes me and proves that anyone can be a millionaire by saving just $1 a day. If the day you were born, your parents stuck a single dollar in the bank that dollar, if it made 10% interest would take you 56 years to be a millionaire. If you made 15% it would take you 40 years. If you were making 20% interest it would take you 32 years to make a million. Is that do able. Yes.

Your mind may be saying, “That’s impossible the banks don’t give you 15 or 20% on your money. That is true and this is why you need different strategies. The banks use your money to make this kind of interest. Every dollar you have represents debt. The moment it goes into the bank it is borrowed to make money.

Now if you were able to find compound interest like what your credit cards or car loans or house loans charge you that same dollar over 66 years at 5% interest makes you $193,000. At 10% interest that same dollar becomes worth $2.7 million! If you found an investment worth 15% you would make $50 million! That same dollar at 20% compound interest over 66 years would be worth $1 billion!!!!

Are you excited now? We are talking about $1 a day and finding something that pays you interest!

Now if you are older and want to accelerate this massive mountain of money save more money daily. What do you waste your money on now? Coffee, Cigarettes, junk food, alcohol, cable? You bought this book because something needed to change in your life, right? So this takes action on your part. You are now going to save daily and invest wisely. I will give you an exact strategy on how to make 15% to 25% and even 50% on your money based on a safe, proven, government and real estate backed plan!

If you save just $10 a day it will take you 34 years at 10% interest, 25 years at 15% interest and 20 years at 20%. Save more, make more.

So you want to answer:

1. How much money do I intend to accumulate?
2. How many dollars will I save daily?
3. What interest rate will I earn on my invested dollars?
4. When will I reach my goal?
5. Why do I want this money?

Your answers may be something like this: I will make $1 million by saving $10 a day, making 20% interest over 20 years to donate money and time to the local orphanage.

See how that is reasonable, do able, easy and specific? You need to commit and be consistent to your plan.

Every year you wait costs you too much money. If you invest just $200 a month over 30 years at 20% interest and you skip a year that will cost you $842,803! That year cost you almost a million in “future dollars.” That is $2,000 a day, $100 an hour, 24 hours a day! Why wait? Knowing this could change your life or you could do nothing and wonder why you are broke.

The good news is – when you’re down the only place is up. So screw being poor. Let’s become billionaires.

If you want to instantly have a billion dollars, have business cards made out to look like million dollar bills and carry them with you everywhere. Give them away freely and your subconscious will start creating the ones you can cash since it doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imaginary.

My business card looks and feels like a real million dollar bill. It’s so much fun! I always carry at least twenty million with me. Go online and search for “Million dollar bills.”

I customized mine so it’s got my picture and my contact info on it. No one throws it away and most people put it on their dream board, computer, on their mirror in their wallet.

If you want to start feeling good about making money, and retail therapy feels like it’s beyond your grasp right now – pretend to spend thousands a day. Just imagine buying whatever you want, wherever you want, any time you want.

Feel good about spending and sure enough the money will become real because you are experiencing the laws of circulation, attraction, resonance, and gratitude.

I promised that if you read this book you would double your money!
The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

Love, Wendy

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